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Is your brand going somewhere? Are you looking to create stunning embroidered hats or uniforms for your sports team or organization? For professional results, you gotta go with the professionals! Designer Ink Printing & Promotions is your source for high-quality embroideries and screen prints in Indianapolis.

Using computerized, high-precision processes and screen prints, Indianapolis-area business turn to Designer Ink Printing & Promotions. Why? Because we achieve the best results, and turn your brand’s logo into bipedal billboards, promenading promotional pieces, amazing advertising embroideries — well, you get the picture.

Read on to learn about our processes, products, and how our promotional products and services can bring more recognition and foot traffic to your enterprise, organization, or cause. And, if you need a bit of advice, or you’re not sure where to start, you can simply contact us at any time.

Screen Printing

So, What is Screen Printing, Exactly?

We’re glad you asked! Screen printing — or “silk screening” as it is sometimes referred — is a process that uses ink, some type of screening medium stretched over a frame, and a squeegee powered by hand or a machine. To create the image on the screen, a photo-emulsifying chemical is applied beforehand. The areas treated with the photo-reactive treatment will block the ink from passing through the screen while the inks being applied to the screen can pass through the untreated areas and onto the substrate.

Once all the ink has been applied, the item being printed is moved into a “heat tunnel” (typically on a conveyor system) to cure it using a combination of heat and ultraviolet light.

You may be surprised to learn that the earliest silk screen dates back to 500 A.D. in China (1,000 years before the Chinese invented the toothbrush). Pretty cool, right? Of course, the process has improved a whole lot since then; we can now do screens of multiple colors, shapes, and just about anything, really (so long as it’s in a vector format, but we’ll get to that later).


Whether you're looking to embellish a polo shirt or ball cap, embroidery is a tried and true method. With a huge selection of thread colors to choose from, there's options available for nearly any design you might need.

How We Embroider Artwork

Before we can create your awesome embroidered piece, your design must be first translated into a digital file that can be read by our embroidery equipment’s specialized computer. It’s not just art, it’s also a science. The digitized file will instruct the embroidery machine’s computer on stitching placement, directions, thickness, and what color each stitch should be.

How to Get Your Order Fast (and Get the Best Results)

We all have deadlines and busy schedules, right? To ensure you receive your order as soon as possible, please include detailed instructions along with your layout and graphic file, and please note the following bits of advice: